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Though cover page is not a must requirement but if your instructor has asked you to write, pay attention to this part and write professionally. A research paper cover page gives a fair idea of your research facts. It is the opening page that actually works as the introduction of your paper. Presenting it in an influential way creates a long lasting impression on the professor. A Cover page also determines the worth of your content. There are various ways of writing this segment. You can choose to write the cover page in either MLA style or in APA style. Occasionally, the professors also ask the term paper to be written in Chicago style of writing.

If you are looking for a Cover Page for your Sociology thesis paper, you should pay focus on the following-

Helpful tips for writing the cover page in Sociology-

  • When you write its cover page, make sure that it provides concrete information about the writer and the thesis.
  • Always begin your cover page of Sociology with the title.
  • Follow an appropriate style of writing that is suggested by your professor-MLA, APA or Chicago.
  • Place the title of your Sociology research paper at the centre of the page.
  • Capitalize all first letters of the words in the title except the prepositions and conjunctions.
  • Do not italicize the title, however if the title uses some quotations from the book, you can use the italicized expression. The case is also valid in case any book quotation is written in any foreign language.
  • The name of the student should be written in proper format.
  • It should be written below the title of the dissertation.
  • It is mandatory that you write your full name.
  • The name of the subject should be written on the cover page.
  • Write your University’s name and the class at the top.
  • Subtitle should be written under the title.
  • Course name and number should be written under your name.
  • The name of the subject should come after the writer’s name.
  • Writer’s name should be followed by the name of the supervisor and the date of submission of the thesis.
  • Use a double spaced page.
  • Skip 1/3rd of the page and then type the title.
  • Write other details like your name, course name; course number, instructor’s name and the due date of the paper several lines down the title and subtitle.

When all these features are explicit, the readers will be able to know the whole content of the thesis. If you want some help with your thesis formatting, check out Thesis Rush.

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10 Unbelievably Interesting Research Paper Topics On India Wed, 14 Sep 2016 08:59:27 +0000 Read More Read More

India is one of the most unique place on the planet. Because of this, the nation makes a perfect topic for a research paper. From politics to history and religion to daily life, India offers more opportunities for topic ideas than the majority of other countries. The country is so large and has so much variety that there is practically no end to the ideas that writers could create.

Here are ten ideas:

  • The role of yoga in the daily life of India
  • How British rule continues to affect daily life in India
  • How Indians communicate despite all of the languages in the country
  • Population control in India
  • How global markets affect the small businesses in India
  • The role of Hinduism in the life of women
  • Being a Muslim in India
  • The many gods of India and their roles in households
  • The Westernization of India in the marketplace
  • How Indian professional athletes are treated in their homeland

These ten ideas just scratch the surface of potential ideas for a research paper about India. Depending on the course you are taking, your topic ideas could be completely different. You might have to research topics relating to literature, math, history, chemistry, travel, business, or more. India is an extremely spiritual country, so nearly everything that occurs in India is somehow related to faith and spirituality.

When you create your topic, it is a good idea to look at something that can be argued, compared and constrasted, or analyzed. Most papers that involve investigating an idea need to be more than just informative. While you will provide information, that should not be the sole purpose of the paper you craft. One of the easiest ways to ensure that the paper you write is more than informative is to frame the topic after a question that begins with how or why. You could also create a yes-or-no question. The answer to the question then becomes the topic of your paper.

For example, you could ask “Why does India still have remnants of British rule in its ways of life?” There should be plenty of examples to share and arguments to make.

As the Western world learns more about India and the way that its people live, the opportunites to craft fantastic papers about the nation and its people have opened up. Rather than struggle to write a great paper, take advantage of the plethora of topics you could choose.

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Setting Up the Perfect Space to Work on your Research Paper Tue, 21 Jun 2016 10:56:49 +0000 Read More Read More

While no-one gets excited about the idea of doing a research paper, the fact of the matter is that it’s part of schooling and you’ll be faced with it throughout your time as a student. With that said there are things you can do to make the task a little smoother, one of which is to set up the perfect space in your home where you can work on your research paper. This is a relatively easy process and with just a little work you’ll find that the task will go by a lot quicker and with less hassle.

Get Rid of Distractions

First things first, you’re going to want to choose a location in your home that is free of distractions. This means no TV, not a common space where others can gather, and not a high-traffic zone. You want to find a place that is quiet and serene so that you can focus on the task at hand and not get distracted.

Add Lighting

Another tip is to make sure your work area is properly lit. You don’t want to be squinting at your notebook as you try to copy down research and notes, and at the same time you don’t want to feel as though the light is blinding you. A good option is to use task lighting at your desk. You can direct this lighting where it’s needed, and can make up for overhead lighting that is either not bright enough, or not hitting the areas you need.

Choose the Right Desk and Chair

Of course you’re going to need a place to sit and do your writing and the couch isn’t really an ideal option. Choosing the proper desk and chair is a process you should take time with and ask questions such as:

  • Is this desk the proper height for me?
  • Does it offer too much, too little, or just the right amount of workspace?
  • Does it have enough storage space?
  • Does it offer room to grow should I need more space?
  • Is the chair the right height for me, and if not can it be adjusted?
  • Does the chair offer lumbar support?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself, as it’s important not to just think about how a desk and chair looks, rather how it performs.

Stock Your Supplies

Lastly, you’ll want to be sure you keep all your important supplies stocked so you can perform your research tasks without issue. Nothing’s worse than running out of key items in the middle of a research paper, requiring you to run out and get what you need.

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